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SDGEO Fiber® Mesh Polypropylene Fiber wins metro project

Author:admin Time:2021-04-16 18:13   
    SDGEO Fiber® Mesh Polypropylene Fiber Wins Metro Project

   We are pround to share that SDGEO Mesh Polypropylene Fiber #M12 win supplyment project for QingDao Metro Line 11.
   Mesh Polypropylene Fiber (Polymer fibrillated fiber ) is designed for controlling shrinkage cracks. With high tensile strength and well dispersibility property Sdgeo Polymer Fibrillated Fibers work well in precast, slab on grade, shotcrete, and commercial applications.
   Product features in designable dimension, behaves good in enhancing the durability and toughness, as replacement for welded wire it resist to impact, abrasion and shatter much. 
Test Data Sheet
SrNo Test Item Unit Result                
1 Fiber Length mm 9,12,19                
2 Filament Diameter μm 18 ~ 65                
3 Density g/cm³ 1.91                
4 Break Strength Mpa 545                

Sdgeo® polymer fiber fibrillated

Sdgeo® polymer fiber fibrillated application display