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Fiberglass Woven Roving

multiaxial fabric triaxial fiberglass cloth

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 The multiaxial product is made with a glass direct roving parallel aligned in 0º,90º,+45º,-45º directions (also could be in any one or several of these directions, one direction one layer), then maybe stich together with or without a layer of evenly distribution chopped fiber. the product are extensively used in GRP  pultrision process ,hand lay-up,and RTM process ect,. main product include GRP  boats,automobile fitting and wind energy blades.


  1. Final product with high mechanical property in multi-layers, and could free design the reinfrocing effect in each direction to meet actual  needs

  2. The multi-layers structure could simplify the forming process, improve operation efficiency

  3. Quickly wet-out, good moulding property and easily delete air bubbles


product parameter


Specs  0º(g/m2)  90º(g/m2)  +45º(g/m2) -45º(g/m2) Mat(g/m2)    Total Weight(g/m2)
    EMF400 /800 (0º, 90º)
400 400     400 1200
    EMF1200(0º, +45º, -45º)  400   400 400   1200
    EMF800(0º, 90º, +45º, -45º)  200 200 200 200   800
    EMF450/800(0º, 90º, +45º, -45º)  200 200 200 200 450 1250
Packaging & Shipping

     multiaxial fabric could be producted into different widths, each rolll is wound on a cardboard tube with inner diameter 76mm or 100mm, then put into a polyethylene bag, and fastened the entrance ,then packed into a suitable cardboard box. this product can be shopped either with cardboard box only or with palllet. in the pallet packing, the product could be horizontally on the pallet and fastened with packed straps and shrink film.