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Monofilament Fiber

Polymer Fiber

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Polymer Fiber
    Polymer Fiber (Polypropylene Fiber Filament) assists in maintaining the original water/cement ratio of the surface mortar, increasing resistance to abrasion and frost caused. They have also been shown to reduce the spalling of concrete in a fire. Sdgeo polymer fiber is designed to be used in spray-up concrete project with recommendance in tunnel construction.
Product Code
Product Feature
◎ high tensile strength and elasticity modulus property.
◎ Supreme in acid-base resistance.
◎ Well dispersibility, crack-resistance.
Test Data Sheet
SrNo Test Item Unit Result                
1 Fiber Length mm 3,6,9,12,16,19                
2 Filament Diameter μm 15-60                
3 Density g/cm³ 1.91                
4 Break Strength Mpa 545                
..Tunnel, culvert, slope construction.
..Under-water construction
..Antiknock and fire-proof engineering