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Wood Fiber

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    Xylem fiber(also named as wood fiber) is a sort of organic flocculent fiber material made from natural and renewable wood after chemical treatment and mechanical processing.
    Due to the capillary action of the fibrous structure, the moisture inside the system is rapidly transferred to the surface and interface of the slurry, so that the uniform distribution of moisture inside the slurry significantly reduces the phenomenon of skinning. And the bond strength and surface strength are significantly improved. This mechanism also plays a significant role in crack resistance due to the reduction of the tension during the drying process. Dimensional stability and thermal stability of the wood fiber is with ability of thermal insulation and crack resistance in the insulation material.
   Xylem fiber is widely used in concrete mortar, gypsum products, wood pulp sponge, asphalt roads. It prevents coating cracking, improves water retention, improves production stability and construction of the appropriate, increases strength, enhances the adhesion to the surface, etc. Its technical role is mainly thixotropy, protection, absorption, carrier and filler.